2021 Food Venues

ST. MARY’S OYSTER FESTIVAL (All Food Sold Separately)

If you are interested in being a vendor at the Oyster Festival, send an email to: usoysterfestival@gmail.com.

Oysters any way you like ’em have always been the trademark of the Festival and this year is no different. Stewed, raw, fried or scalded oysters are available, while other seafood lovers can feast on fried clams, scallops, soft crab sandwiches, crab cakes, shrimp, fried fish, and a tangy seafood chowder. Lots of other festival favorites will also be available. 

2021 Oyster Festival map


2021 Oyster and Seafood Specialties

Dishes Offered

Boy Scouts of

America – Troop #793

(#4 On Map)

 (All profits go to charity)

Oyster Tacos

Oyster Po’boys

Hollywood/Leonardtown Optimist Club

(#2 on Map)

(All profits go to charity)

Oyster Stew

Cream of Crab Soup

Shrimp Corn

Nomini Bay Oyster Ranch

(#6 on map)



Oysters on the half shell &

Oyster Chowder



Leonardtown Rotary Club

(#14 on Map)

(All profits go to charity)

Seafood Chowder

 Rotary Club of

Lexington Park

(Main Beer Stand)

(All profits go to charity)

 Oyster Shooters

Smoke on the Water

(#7 on the Map)

General Tso Oysters

Oyster Poppers

Seafood Gumbo w/Oysters

Smoke Shrimp Cocktail

Smoked Oyster Crostini

Smoked Oysters

St. Maries

Optimist Club

(#1, & #3 On Map)

(All profits go to Charity)


Wild-caught raw oysters

(#1 On Map)









Scalded oysters

(#3 On Map





Pints and quarts to go

(On entry Promanade)

Double T Oyster


Madhouse Oysters

Nomini Bay Oysters

Shore Thing Shellfish

(Upper Left on Map)

(In Gourmet Oyster  Tasting Tent)

Farm-Raised Raw Oysters

(In Gourmet Oyster  Tasting Tent)



Next to Shucking Arena Entry)

(All profits go to charity)

Clam Chowder

Fried Oysters & Fried  Oyster Sandwiches

Fried Oyster Strips

Fried Clam Stripos





2019 Mostly Non Seafood  Offerings

Dishes Offered

 Bell’s Ice Cream

(Along the Road)

Ice Cream

Cole’s Soul

(#16 on Map)

Brisket Tacos

Crab Cakes

Crabby Corn

(#10 on Map)

Flavored Kettle Corn

JD’s House of Bacon

(#12 on Map)

Bacon Mac-N-Cheese

Bacon on a Stick

Pulled Pork

 Job’s Daughters, Bethel #42

(#15 On Map)

(All profits go to charity)

Funnel Cake

Kona Ice

(Along the Road)

Shaved Tropical Ice

Miss Jodi’s Mini Donuts

(AC Eats and Treats)

(#13 On Map)

Miniture Donuts




(#11 On Map)

Big Bang Shrimp,

Crab Pretzels,

SOMD Rockfish Tenders,

SOMD Stuffed Ham,

Stuffed Ham Soup

Nomini Bay

Oyster Ranch

(#6 On Map)

Chicken salad



The Nutty Bavarian

(Along the Road)

Glazed Nuts

Optimist Club of Mechanicsville

(#9 On Map)

(all profits go to charity)

Chicken Wings

Crab Soup

Fish and Chips

Soft Shell Crab


 Rotary Club of Lexington Park

Guy Distributing Company

(Main Beer Building and All Beer Stands)

(ID Banding near main beer stand)

(all profits go to charity)

Wide Variety of Beers

See the list  below

(Also see our  Gourmet Oyster  Tasting Tent)

Seventh District Optimist Club

(#8 On Map)

(All profits go to charity)

Boardwalk fries,

Chicken Tenders,

Cream of Crab Soup,

Fried Oreos,

Fried Shrimp,

Hake Fish bites,


Hot Dogs &

Shrimp Salad

Sunshine Catering

(#5 On Map)

Pit Beef sandwich,

Turkey sandwich,

Ham sandwich &

Italian Sausage

Waterman’s Association

(Next to Shucking Stand Entry)

(all profits go to charity)

Soda &



 Beers available for sale to our adult guests with proof of age